1. Constellations

From the recording Constellations

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Sofia Nehama - Vocals, music, lyrics, artwork
Sonya Walker - Keyboard
Max Moore - Keyboard
Will Kuepper - Bass, production
Gabe Gravagno - Drums
Anna Frick - Mastering engineer
Taylor Marvin - Recording engineer
Coupe Studios


I'm pretty sure you're gonna break my heart
Could be today, might be tomorrow, might be next lifetime
But I go to strangers
To lament when you have done the same
And to curse, exalt, adore your name
to no one of consequence
On my knees before indifferent bodies,
Warm and hard and flippant
I look for reasons not to fear,
instead I find Constellations

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna take it hard
Might lose my head, might smash the altar, might meet with Horus
But no ghost or ethos
Could conceal the fury of the spheres
Or hush the heat between your ears
When love yields to reticence
Off your feet, and into azure
Soft and bright and faintly scattered
I look for you in prophecy
Instead I drown in Constellations

Come behold our lithograph
Trace the orbs, watch the heavens roll
See how they ignite
At the belts and nodes
Collision zones

I'm pretty sure that's how you'll break my heart
Covered from head to toe in the sweet hot breath
Of Constellations

Give me a reason to look down again