Sample Scores

Magnolia In the Rain (Sample) Roughly ternary-form mini concerto for mezzo soprano voice with a large chamber ensemble. 373 KB

Compostion & Arranging


Pricing is based on the Colorado State minimum wage, materials costs (tech, reference material, etc) & industry standard rates for the type of work requested.

Base pricing is $25 per hour of work.

Quote may vary depending on factors such as ensemble size, project timeline, and distribution intentions. 

Use the fillable form below to request a quote, and see the bottom of this page for example breakdowns.


(Use the Fillable form below to request a quote)

  • 25% of payment due upfront (detailed invoice will be provided)
  • MIDI audio file and a 1-page proof of the work product will be sent 5 days prior to the due date, at which point reasonable requests for revisions can be made.
  • Remaining 75% of payment due at delivery. (Past-due payments will incur a weekly fee of 10% of original quote.)


  • Attributed or anonymous?
    • if anonymous, a reasonable anonymity fee will be negotiated based on distribution intentions.
  • Are any players requesting a feature?
  • What type of orchestration? Standard ensemble, or nonstandard? 
  • If  source work already exists, who owns the copyright?
  • If requesting an original composition ("from scratch"), what distribution and ownership rights are desired? 


Example Breakdowns

Example Breakdown 1:

A 3-minute orchestration or arrangement of a piano score for symphony orchestra:

Average worktime per measure for a four-section orchestra (>15 different instruments) , incl. editing/parts: 45-60 min

Minimum number of hours to complete a 3-minute symphonic arrangement: 24 work hours (24 hrs x $25/hr = $600)

Rush job fee (10 days or less): $150

Total: $600-$750


Example Breakdown 2:

A 3-minute original composition for a rock ensemble:

Average worktime per measure for a 5-piece rock band incl. editing/parts: 25-40 mins

Minimum number of hours to complete a 3-minute original composition: 17 work hours (17 hrs x $25/hr = $425)

Rush job fee (see above)

Total: $425-$575

These breakdowns reflect industry standard rates.